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Collection and retreatment of used hydraulic hoses


Why this approach ?

Our hoses are made of three materials: rubber, steel and oil. Once used, these components do not deteriorate naturally.

Thus, CHRONO Flex is committed to effectively dealing with these matters in respect of waste disposal routes approved.

How does it work ?

Do you manage yourself the treatment of the your used hoses ?
Then, after the job, we give the used hose to you.

If you do not manage the treatment of your used hoses:
With your consent, once our job is made, we take the used hose and we manage the treatment for you.

What happens next with the used hoses ?

In partnership with a collection company :

  • We get the used hose after intervention.
  • We store it in containers specially provided.
  • The collection company weighs it and takes it away.
  • Data are stored and tracked on a delivery note.
  • Each part of the hose is valued and used again or assigned to the best possible option for the environment.