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Any company that uses hydraulics - construction industry, civil engineering, rentals, transport, handling, industry, waste treatment - can face an hydraulic hose break due to damage or chock.

When it happens, the equipment becomes unusable. It can paralyze an entire site and its team.

Priority will be to repair the machine to avoid the immobilization of the teams and restart construction as soon as possible.

The fastest and more effective solution is then to move the service provider on site.

On-site repair

A national network offering local solutions, provides 24/7 service directly on site .

0 826 10 5000

Just by calling our national number, we will intervene in the fastest delay. Once arrived on site, our technician will :

  • Make a diagnose of the hose break,
  • Dismantle, manufacture a new hose and reinstall it,
  • Confirm with the customer the restart of the machine.

Preventive Maintenance

In order to reduce the number of hose break on site, we also offer a preventive maintenance service.

We offer our clients :

  • A visual diagnosis of their machines,
  • Regular maintenance to anticipate hose failure
  • A compliance and harmonization of their park of machines