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Lauching of a new intervention van


In 2011, we launched a new concept of service van: a chassis van with a completely adapted workshop cell installed on the van.

This cellis totally independent from the chassis.This allows us totransfer it to another chassis in case of failure. This can be done within an hour and allows us to have our intervention unit available quickly to answer our customer demand.

This new service van is also lighter. He weights, 80 kg less than the initial one while providing 1.5m3 of extra working space. This gain in weight and space allows us to add new equipment and our machines have a more functional use. We have gained productivity. Our engineers work faster and in greater comfort.

We have also gained in security and comfort by adding out of an external storage box designed for heavy loads. The external trunk is placed at ground level for a facilitated access.

The extra space also allowed us to equip our vehicles with an holding tank for oil collection and a used hose container for recycling.

This new service van enables us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and really adapt our workshop and equipment to the need of our customer and also to the working conditions of our technicians.

Fourteen new vehicles are now in service. The full fleet of CHRONO Flex, 180 vans, will be renewed within 3 to 4 years.