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CHRONO Flex behind the scenes, 10 years already !

CHRONO Flex Calendar 2012

It is in 2002 when this crazy idea was born : make our own calendar.

This year there was published the very first edition of the calendar "Les Dessous de CHRONO Flex".

Every year during 10 years, our coworkers, customers and partners, men and women, were many to take up the challenge and to strip.

The last editions of the calendar were however 100 % feminine. So that in 2011, the co-workers CHRONO Flex demanded through a petition "A calendar 100% Male for 2012". Their desires were thus fulfilled with a calendar 2012 "100 % Hom ' Made".

It is in any simplicity and in the cheerfulness that the men of CHRONO Flex agreed to play the game.

The result is here :
fourteen black and white high-quality photos

see the calendar

This calendar 2012 is also a very special calendar because it will be the last one of this amazing adventure.

10 years already that we began these "silly things" !

It will probably leave the place to new jokes...